About Gerald

About Gerald J. Monahan, Esq.

Learn more about Gerald J. Monahan today. By putting himself and his team on your side, you will have a fierce advocate at your disposal.

An Attorney of Integrity

Gerald J. Monahan, Esq., APM, has maintained a general practice of law in New Jersey since 1978. While studying for the priesthood as a Franciscan seminary student, he attended the University of Notre Dame and graduated in 1967 with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy.

While working as a probation officer for Hudson County, Gerald attended New York Law School (evening division) and received his J.D. degree in 1974. While continuing to serve as a probation officer in the child support unit, in 1978, he accepted a position as an associate with the Jersey City-based Law Firm of Eugene R. Boffa. From 1984 to 1987, Gerald was a partner in the Law Firm of Monahan and Spadora.

Resolving Conflicts Healthily

Since starting his law career, he has engaged in the general practice of law as a solo practitioner.
"Family mediation presents an exciting opportunity to change my professional role from hired mercenary to peacemaker," Gerald said. "As a family law practitioner for 40 years, I can categorically state that litigated divorces decided by a judge are most often not good for the soul–or the pocketbook–of litigants and their loved ones." He added: "As a formally trained mediator, I seize the opportunity to help divorcing couples create lasting peace—as opposed to lasting war."

Gerald is a member of the New Jersey Chapter of the Association of Professional Mediators, a national organization dedicated to furthering the art of mediation as the preferred alternative to conflict based resolution of interests.

Gerald is also a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, an interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict. He is a family and divorce mediator approved by the New Jersey Superior Court to participate in the Court's mandatory mediation program.